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CivilTech Software was established in 1991 in the Seattle-Bellevue area of the United States. The company has provided software to the U.S. and global markets for 20 years with an excellent reputation.

CivilTechSoftware employs engineers with experience in structural, geotechnical, construction, and software engineering. Our team has developed a series of engineering programs that include Shoring Suite Plus (ct-Shoring), LiquefyPro, AllPile, SuperLog, and others.

Our main purpose is to develop software for engineers that is easy to learn and use. Our software developers are working hard to make CvilTechSoftware's line of programs:

  • · Efficient and accurate
  • · Engineering-oriented
  • · Easy to learn and User-friendly
  • Our software is widely used by the engineering companies and agencies in the U.S. and around the world.

    CivilTech engineers have extensive experiences in the designs and analyses of shoring, excavation supporting, seawall, piling, bridge, and building projects. Some of CivilTech projects are presented below. CivilTech Software is used for these projects.