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LiquefyPro Screen Shot

Software for liquefaction analysis, Software for settlement analysis by liquefaction: Liquefaction of saturated soils (silt, sand, and gravel) during earthquakes has caused severe damage to buildings, earth embankments, dams, and bridges. LiquefyPro assists engineers in evaluating liquefaction potential and earthquake-induced settlement. It determines the liquefaction zone and settlement under earthquake conditions.

It is a Windows-based program with graphical presentations for geotechnical reports. It will be a valuable addition to your software library. LiquefyPro gains international reputation and has been used by many universities and agencies in many countries including Albania, Chile, China, Japan, Iran, Israel, Italy, Egypt, Mexico, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Colombia, Greece, United Kingdom, and United States.

LiquefyPro offers multiple methods of calculation. The Methods used in Program are including: See, Suzuki, Robertson, Tokimatsu, Ishihara, Stark, and Olson methods. Users can use recommended methods by program, or more advanced users can select an approach more suited to their local conditions. The calculation includes settlement due to earthquake from wet sand and dry sand. The settlement is presented in graphics along with depth. Factor of safety, liquefied zone, and soil profile are also presented in graphics. Calculation theory and users manual can be download here (in PDF file).

The program is based on the most recent methods recommended by NCEER Workshop and SP117 Implementation. SP117 Guidelines can be download here (in PDF file, due to the size of file, use right mouse click to save it to disk instead directly open it).

The program reads SPT or CPT data through MS-Excel. If Fines Contents is not available, the program can automatically generates Fines% from CPT data. The graphics can be saved in Windows Metafile or copy to your clipboard, which can be used for other applications such as Excel, Word, and AutoCAD.

The program can determine the results of ground improvement by adding fill on the surface. The liquefaction potentials before and after fill can be calculated and presented.

If you are still using spreadsheets for your liquefaction analysis, you should make the change now. LiquefyPro goes beyond the limitations of spreadsheets. It provides the most recent calculation methods and accurate results. It also provides many methods for your comparison. The settlement calculation is difficult to do in spreadsheets. Data from spreadsheets or testing results can be imported or pasted into the program. The software was fully checked for its accuracy and correctness thorough Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QAQC).


  • State-of-the-art methods
  • Option to allow users to select different methods
  • English or metric units
  • Choice of SPT, FPT and BPT data
  • Plot of CRR, CSR, Factor of Safety, and Settlement
  • Plot of Soil Profile
  • On-Screen preview and zoom capability
  • Save graphics in Metafile or clipboard for other Windows applications
  • Automatically generates Fines% from CPT data
  • Free technical support



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