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USB Key Information

Spectra Screen Shot

USB Key Version

If you have a CivilTech Software USB key, click here for more instruction.

We now offers the option of a CivilTech Software USB Key. The USB key is a flash drive (Momory stick), which has 128 MB and USB 2.0 connectivity.

One USB Key is for one copy of software, which can be used on multiple computers by many users. This is also convenient for people with one computer in the office, one computer at home, and a laptop for field-work. No software installation is needed for Windows2000/Xp/Vista. Winodws98 need updated to Windows98SE.

If you buy our software, we will send the USB key to you with the program installed on the key. You can run the program directly from the key, save files in the key and move it between home, office, and field*. The software manual is also on the key.


  • One key for many computers and many users
  • No activation required
  • No software installation
  • Software and manual are inside the key
  • One key can hold two or three Software
  • Save data files in the key and move around*
  • 128 MB USB Flash Drive to hold many files
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • No installatrion needed for Windows2000/Xp/Vista.

* CivilTech is not liable if the data in USB key or hard disk is damaged or lost.